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Why Choose Us

We customize

Cannot find the extraction you need? Our manufacturing will customize to your specification. Need a blend? Our manufacturing will do that as well. We will work with you to your desired requirements.

Protein and Meal Replacement

Plant protein is quite popular in our daily life nowadays, such as flavored pine needle protein, rice protein, black rice protein, cranberry protein, pea protein, hemp protein, and so on. Protein and Meal Replacements are functional foods used in nutritional supplementation, energy bars, one shots and drinks. We also can change protein flavors according to your request.

About Our Land

Our factory is located in virgin forest of the DaXingAnLing Region. The beautiful scenery of mountains and hills, that is pollution-free, industry-free, pesticide-free with enriched black soil. Here we grow more than 1,314 kinds of wild and natural resources, which enhances our wild and organic ingredients. A few of popular local resources we own: Wild & Organic Blueberry Wild & Organic Lingonberry Wild & Organic Nettle Root, Wild Phellinus igniarius, Wild Birch Bark and Wild Rosehip.

Founded in 2002

DaXingAnLing Lingonberry Boreal Biotech Co.,Ltd was founded in 2002. We are committed to produce high quality ingredients of herbal extracts, fruit & vegetable juice powders, natural colors, also customized formulations and OEM solutions.

The factory in the Greater Xing’an Mountains, covers an area of 100,000 square meters, employs 168 people, including an R & D staff of 30. We have five large-scale production plants, a workshop that covers an area of 25,000 square meters and 12,000 square meters for the protein workshop. It has the most advanced ultrasound countercurrent extraction equipment with a 5,000 square meters of a GMP production workshop, and its own GAP plating base. Lingonberry has 61 patents and two independent R & D centers, with the most advanced laboratory analysis equipment to ensure the quality of research.

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